Played Super Pole Riders – Show Me Yours

Super Pole Riders

Wanna play swords?

Ever since we first discovered the browser version of Pole Riders 3 years ago, it has been hands down my favorite local multiplayer game. Better more polished games have come sense, but nothing matches the balance of sheer competitiveness with hilarious physics quite like Super Pole Riders. As evidenced here when we closed out a 25 hour gaming marathon last year by playing the alpha version of the game:

Super Pole Riders was released this year for PlayStation platforms as a part of the Sportsfriends local multiplayer game collection. After several casual/drunken parties with the game, I finally took the opportunity to put together a competitive tournament with the game. Playing Super Pole Riders seriously is just as frustrating for the players as it is entertaining for the audience.

I’ve been surprised at how many new techniques I’ve picked up. Sure there are new pole riding angles to explore that give you more velocity and power on your ball kicks, but those aren’t near as fun as knocking your opponent out. My new favorite move is to slide my pole along the ground and lodge the pole underneath the other player. Then with a click flip of my pole, I throw them across the entire map behind me. Leaving me and the ball alone. When, of course, I panic while trying to score and end up dying myself.

Super Pole Riders was released on May 6, 2014 as a part of Sportsfriends and is available now on PS3, PS4 and coming soon to PC.