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I was recently diagnosed with a somewhat serious auto immune disease, and as a result have been side lined from work. While the prognosis may make life a bit inconvenient from here on out, I was finally able to catch up on a number of movies/games I’ve been wanting to jump in to. It just so happens that two of these items actually fit together quite well, though they’ve contributed to a somewhat tarnished view of the Dwarven community.

Craft the World

After finally watching (and enjoying) the first and second installments of The Hobbit series, I decided that I wanted to see what the life of a dwarf king was like. As a result, I downloaded the game “Craft The World”, a town building/mining game that tasks you with guiding a group of dwarves on a journey of self discovery and cultural exploration that ultimately ends with the ramifications that result from unadulterated greed (it’s worth noting that Craft the World is an excellent game and I highly recommend it).

Dwarf Deep

Like the dwarves in The Hobbit, my lust for loot started off innocently enough, with me wanting to provide for my people. The further I dug, however, the more addicting the acquisition of material goods became. I found myself working my little kingdom to the point of nutritional deprivation, though being dwarves they appeared to be fine with the taxing labor and unsafe conditions.

Unlike in modern times, greed has a price in fantasy worlds and for me, it was the constant threat of attack from goblins, the undead and underground horrors that got closer and closer as I dug into the earth. I found myself fighting as much as I was mining and eventually the treasure I found went straight into defending my dwarves as they searched for more treasure. It was a sick cycle, but one I found quite appealing in a demented sort of way.

Craft the World Base

It is pretty calm at the surface, but it’s what is underneath that scares me.

This back and forth swing led to quite a bit of innovation. Stronger walls, better tools and more menacing weapons that unfortunately, despite my best efforts, were continuously outmatched by my foes. My nation of squat, blue collar workers would ultimately end up like those in The Hobbit movies, a distant memory of the downside of material wealth.

As I write this, I find myself in the middle of a three front battle. To my left, a pack of savage goblins hoping to steal my supplies. To my right, a portal just opened up, spilling skeleton warriors and zombies onto the world. And now, after my latest quest for coal, I’ve opened up a passage filled with giant ant/crab hybrids. It’s quite the pickle, to say the least and if my kingdom had elections, I can’t imagine I’d see a second term.

Craft the World was released on Nov 19, 2013 and is available now on PC.

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  1. Aaron

    I read the first sentence and wanted to shout NOOOOO, but there are people trying to work around here. Much love, my gaming compadre. You’re the greatest dwarf king in my eyes.

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