Played Peggle 2 – Magic Balls of Perfection

Peggle 2 made me pump my fists in victory. Like, a legitimately excited, hands fully in the air fist pump.

I can’t remember the last time anything in life has inspired me to do a fist pump, much less a video game.

What is it about Peggle 2 that inspires this act of bro-ish bravado? Well, I think the magic component is that you’re not in control in Peggle 2. Sure, you take your best guess to where the ball will go, maybe strategize a best-path route, but once you launch the ball, it’s all up to luck and you become a pure spectator. Usually, your shots are mundane, if not bad. But every once in a while, you hit that magical, super high scoring shot that makes you feel like everything is right in the world – a shot that makes you throw up your fists in reckless abandon and glee.

Peggle 2

No luck involved.