Horrible Night Tastes Like a Steam Curator


Steam launched a ton of updates last week. The main focus was to make the Steam front page a bit more personalized in hopes that you will see games that relate to the one’s you own and play the most. This update also included the addition of Steam Curators – which allows for individuals or groups to put together a list of games for others to follow.

Being that Horrible Night is a comprised of a some individuals in it, we went ahead and started our curation list. You can follow this list and we will add games to it that won’t waste your time.

On a related note, sometimes we even play some of these games at the same time and sometimes we like to play together. If you think that people who like Horrible Night are the type of people that you like to know what they are playing and when they are online so that you can potentially play video games with them, you are welcome to join our official Horrible Night Steam Group.

Lists of video games. Our research shows that it’s what you and our advertisers like the best. (Are we doing this right?)