Played Wasteland 2 – Overwhelming Options

Wasteland 2

I chose last time.

I hate Ikea. I hate the funnel you’re forced into while searching for the things you need, I hate the crowds and I even hate the little pencils you’re given in order to fill out your order. What I hate most of all are the options. Options are good, but too many can be a bit overwhelming, often causing my brain to overload and then shutdown, leaving a sputtering husk of a man.

That is precisely why I struggled to get into Wasteland 2 despite anticipating it for well over three years (I’m not old enough to anticipate it since the release of the original). From the plethora of character options (stats, skills and appearances) to navigating the map, it’s quite the mountain to climb. I found myself starting over from scratch three times, mistakes in party development and resource usage making me question how long I’d last down the line.

Unlike Ikea, once I got past the initial feelings of overload, instead of a queue full of angry shoppers, I had a robust world and fascinating story to look forward to shaping. My choices had an impact, evidenced by having to choose early on between saving a science lab from mutant plants or an outpost from deranged bandits. The perfectionist in me let go and I resigned to the fact that I didn’t need to consider all the options all of the time; there would always be time for another playthrough.