Played Titanfall – Damned Kids, Get Off My Titan

Because my new favorite non-traditional game-mode is to play a single player game while someone I know is playing the same game, I took a week or two and replayed Deus Ex: Human Revolution while Nicole had her first experience with it. Then, I went back to playing Titanfall, which I had been playing fairly non-stop since it came out.

I went back to playing Titanfall after all of the college kids were back in their dorms and the high school kids were back from camp or juvenile detention or wherever they go during the summer.

I went back to TitanFall and got destroyed

Or for a few days, anyway. Holy crap, as much as I love this game (and the updates that they are keeping coming at a good rate), if you stop playing, the return-curve difficulty is high. The fact that dorm rooms are now full of people blowing off class and putting in 40 hours a week on getting their pilots to Generation 10 means that for people like me, I’m going to have to be happy with a just-over 1.0 K/D ratio and enjoy stomping on dudes with my giant, canon-armed robot.

I’ve hit the soft level cap in Destiny and, while I’ll keep the rest of my opinions to myself on Bungie’s Big Game, I think I’m going to have to prepare myself for another pasting at the hands of some sophomore at Kent State this weekend.

Titan execution of pilot

This happened to me a lot, and no, that Pilot is not getting a nice massage.

3 Comments Played Titanfall – Damned Kids, Get Off My Titan

  1. Jordan Wilson

    They should include some type of system into the game where a grown man with a good paying job and less free time, such as yourself, can just throw some money into the game and be given the appropriate equipment and upgrades to allow you to compete on a higher level without all the wasted time investment. I bet a system like that would greatly improve the game for everyone.

  2. Prisqua

    I have not played Titanfall in ages and now spending way too much time on Destiny. Still have not even played the new COD. Destiny consumes me. I prefer co-op games rather than multiplayers so Destiny does it for me.

  3. Justin Gifford

    I wholeheartedly endorse your plan, Jordan, and enjoyed using real money to buy things in the ME3 multiplayer when I didn’t have as much time to play as some of the kids.

    Prisqua, traditionally I agree with you and prefer co-op (there’s a new co-op, Horde-mode style mode in Titanfall called “Frontier Defense now), but for some reason giant freakin’ robots just do it for me. Also, my gaming window is normally only for about an hour a night during the week and it’s shortly after I get home from work, which makes Destiny not the best game for me there, too.
    (Also also, I think Destiny is kind of boring-if-pretty. But, I’m really glad you love it.)

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