Played Dead Rising 3 – More Flimsies

Dead Rising 3

Eyes up, baby.

Dead Rising 3 would’ve been the game I bought for Xbox One had I not decided to go with a PS4. Maybe that’s why I was excited to try it on PC. Having read many mediocre reviews, pre-ordering it wins the award for most random impulse buy of the summer for me. Anyway, I own it now and I played it. It actually started off strong for me. I enjoyed the intro scenario they throw you into. It really gave me a sense of feeling alone and overwhelmed. Once the game opened up and I’m staring into a sea flimsies, I got kind of excited as I hopped from car to car trying to avoid the mob. To be honest, I can already tell the story is lacking a little, however, I think there some fun to be had in this world. Especially through co-op. I highly doubt I’ll finish it, but it could be the best Dead Rising game regardless. If that means anything.