Played Diablo III – Season Opener

Diablo III Seasons

But coach, Destiny is out, I don’t think I can play this season.

Curse you, red devil. This is what, my 4th trip back to Diablo III? And even though I know it won’t stick because of upcoming releases, I have to say my first impression of D3’s Season’s mode is pretty awesome. I started over with a class I’d never played before, settled into Master difficulty, and tactically kicked some ass. It was quite satisfying.

Seasons just levels the playing field a bit and makes it feel like you aren’t behind the D3 addicts out there. Plus, it has given some of my friends a reason to play again, too, so it’s nice to have some leaderboards that matter when comparing my progress to theirs.

The icing on this delicious hell cake is that I finally put some decent time into the Wizard class and it turns out I love it. I’ve always been more of a ranged player but went more for the Demon Hunter/Ranger types. After about a half a dozen Wizard levels, I landed a decent weapon and started obliterating fools with my new skills. 20 levels in I’m having more fun than I can remember having with any of the other classes. I’m sure I will eventually settle into a set collection of skills, but mixing and matching different skill combos has led to a lot of explosions full of enemy bodies so I’m good for a while here.

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  1. Aaron

    Sometimes you find the loot demon… and sometimes the loot demon finds you. I think I like seasons.

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