Why We Write

Dear Readers,

We took the summer off. It wasn’t expected, but it was probably needed. We were all pretty quiet over the summer, not having a lot of conversations and having our own very eventful lives to deal with.

But we decided to come back.


We don’t get paid; we all have full-time jobs. And kids or dogs (or cats. I suppose).

Holly the Cat ate paint chips

Scientifically speaking, this is a cat. Colloquially, she’s an idiot.

We don’t do this for free games to review – pushing for pre-release games is nearly a full-time job.

It’s not even for E3 – we could go, but we’ve never applied for the press passes.

I can’t speak for the other guys and gals who contribute here. I can only speak for myself.

In 2014, chronologically ordered,

  1. I became a father;
  2. But my son had to spend a scary week in the NICU;
  3. We had some storms in Indiana that knocked down two ~60’ tall trees, crushing my fence, hitting my neighbors’ house, and killing a modem, DVR, Ethernet hub, and two TVs, which as you can imagine, is a costly thing to happen, particularly if you aren’t planning on the expense.
  4. My dad got sick, went into Hospice, and died.
  5. I went on vacation and played in the pool with my son.
Electricity always takes the path of least resistance to ground. Always.

Electricity always takes the path of least resistance to ground. Always.

But I’m back here, writing, because you can’t always go on vacation and you can’t always spend time talking out your pain or frustration and you can’t always get back into bed because the only way the baby will sleep is in his Baby Bjorn, upright, and you’re gently bouncing on a yoga ball. What you can do, to turn off for a little while, to not feel hurt or frustrated, or to stay awake so your wife can have a little time off and your baby can get some sleep, is to do some gaming, and even to interact with some strangers and laugh while you kill each others’ digital avatars.

I’m back here because video games are a part of my life, and this year, I needed the distraction, the fun, and the don’t-fall-asleep-aid.

I’m back here because I love playing video games and when he’s old enough, my son probably will too; I want to make the whole experience better for him by being a Social Justice Warrior when it comes to online behavior.woodrow wilson

I’m back here because elected officials are still trying to stifle the creative medium that I love and I have a big problem with that.

I’m back because I love video games.



*The title reference

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  1. Jordan Wilson

    OMG ITS AARON! I commented on the same article on Aaron!

    Also, we don’t get paid! what the hell…. i’m outta here.

  2. Justin Gifford

    The fact that we’re in it for the groupies goes without saying, Aaron.
    Thanks, Jordan.

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