Fine Arts Majors Find Employment in Diablo 3

I may actually decide to get released one of these days

Many expected a release date to be announced for Diablo 3 at Gamescom this year, but unfortunately Blizzard still hasn’t made anything official. However, the game was playable at the German game convention and details came out about a new game play element to be included in the threequel that will help with some pacing issues that  plagued the game in the past.

In Diablo 3, you’ll be joined  by three distinct artisans (blacksmith,jeweler and mystic) who’ll take on the crafting duties once held by NPCs in towns.  These artisans will have multiple functions, from socketing items and adding enchantments to selling the player new gear and will improve in ability throughout the player’s journey.

You won’t have to choose which artisan comes along as all three will be available in the game, but all require trust to be built before they join your adventure. From the details, its looks like each will have quests that can be completed in order to acquire their companionship, which looks to add some interesting deviation from the main storyline.

Along with the NPC sidekicks you’ll acquire and always popular multi-player, its looks like rolling deep while traversing the Sanctuary is the  new standard.


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