You Can Go Solo in Worms Reloaded

Worms ReloadedIt has been a while since Worms had an all out attack on PC, but the wait is almost over. On Thursday, Aug 26 you will be able to download Worms: Reloaded through Steam ($17.99 preorder price). The game builds off of the recent XBLA games, but brings back all of the customization features that PC fans expect, new weapons, and just more Worms. And really, that’s all we’ve ever wanted is more Worms.

This will also be the first digitally distributed version of Worms for the PC, and a welcome step back into 2D. Contrary to the single player trailer above, multiplayer Worms is alive and well. Taking advantage of the Steam platform should make for a much easier time at setting up multiplayer battles compared to our LAN party days. Get your ninja ropes and dynamite ready.


Giant Bomb (image)

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