Radio Waves: Dogfighting Legendary Farms

I sat here contemplating the games I’ve been playing lately. My habits are normally more bouncy, treating each game as the next Second Coming. For the last month, I’ve sort of… plateaued. At the end of a night, I was either playing Pokemon Y or running yet another rift in Diablo III. They’ve sort of become my safe havens as spring rolls in and I think about self-improvement goals for the year. Don’t worry, this isn’t meant to be an hour session with the psychiatrist I don’t have. We like fun and games here! And if there’s one thing I’ve learned from Far Cry 3, it’s that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over and over… Pardon me, I’m gonna start Radio Waves now.

Reaper of Souls

The Crusades were actually about paragon levels and loot.

Double down on Diablo

Even before our recent Diablo III: Reaper of Souls marathon, I had become to feed that particular loot obsession. Weeks later, I’m still playing that game for a few hours at least every other day. My wizard and monk are level 70, slowly becoming more decked out like true “gear pimps” as I dedicate my hours to the grind. If I had a bumper sticker for my laptop, it would read “Legendaries or bust” or something. The upside to my rekindled loot obsession is that I’m actually playing with others this time around, using our own special lingo as we click away into the night.

If anything, this is a testament to the improvements made to the core Diablo experience. The joy comes from finding that special piece of loot yourself, no longer harassed by the idea of an auction house to better your characters. It’s become the game I would have wanted in the first place, made a little more endless with the inclusion of the more randomized Adventure Mode. I don’t want to get too ahead of myself, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to be singing these praises yet again come the end of the year.

Lift off ye Luftrausers


Carnival cruise ships have seen better days.

Vlambeer could release a game about buttering toast and I’d buy it launch, but that’s not the point. They produced Luftrausers instead and it’s truly a “try, try again” game if I’ve ever played one. The experimentation of combining airplane parts to create your aerial dream machine and completing a goal or two before my inevitable fiery death… true craziness. The learning curve is steep, but the games and unlocks come quick enough that make one more attempt always an option. Maybe don’t play this on a plane, especially one circa 1940.

Free me from Farm Heroes Saga

Maybe the worst offender on this list, Farm Heroes Saga is the poster child for insanity. I’ve started this one on purpose under the guise of research, but maybe more as me being a glutton for punishment. Like its swindler older brother Candy Crush Saga, it’s all about matching 3 or more to meet quotas, get high scores, or solve world hunger. I’m pretty sure it’s not the last one though. It’s one of those on-the-toilet or trapped-in-a-burning-elevator kind of experiences, swapping around sentient fruits and vegetables for… reasons. Then again, I suppose I also don’t know the motivations of  anything involved with Tetris.

Farm Heroes Saga

To hell, I banish thee… demon produce!

Quick Bytes

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff (iOS) That show with the kid who writes on the chalkboard did it first. Really, it’s the same thing as Tapped Out from what I can tell, but I’m not as sour on Family Guy as I used it to be. Like the rest, I’ll play until it hurts.

NES Remix 2 (Wii U) – I skipped over the first Remix even though I heard good things and, holy turnaround, now there’s a sequel. Plus there’s Super Mario Bros 3 this time! You got me!

As always, I’ll be keeping my ears open to the world of gaming and you should too.

Radio Waves is a segment where Aaron aka BGRadio takes some time out of his video gaming schedule to reveal his latest game fix, favorite gaming story and mention a taste of what’s over the game horizon in general. It can be whatever you want it to be, except that it’s actually about what I want it to be. That cool? So put on your robe and your favorite fuzzy slippers, let’s chill and talk about what’s currently on the weekly radio.


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    You said this wasn’t suppose to be a psychiatry visit…. but after hearing you’ve been playing Farm Saga Heroes…. I think maybe we should go ahead and schedule one.

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