Playing It Right – Truck Racer Sandwiches

Maybe we shouldn’t fight nature, but trucks aren’t natural. When it comes to Truck Racer it wears its intentions right in the title. That’s adorable. We came here to break your trucks and your trucks obliged. Mostly.

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What It Did (Unintentionally) Right

Truck Racer

That debris shows promise.

Truck damage – When slamming big rigs into other big rigs, railings, tires, cones, bridges, roller coasters, we need to see the consequences of our actions. If those consequences can linger with black trails of smoke, all the better. If we can slam trucks so hard that they stop working, good game.

Truck customizations – We need different trucks and we need paint jobs. While truck tattoos and bling would have been better, at least we had pink paint to play with. Go ugly or go home.

Multiplayer – While we can have fun with just about any truck in any situation, having other truckers to truck into makes the trucking much more worthy of the name. Of course, we have enough truckers to form a trucker game and we would have liked to take our gang out into the world to fight other unsuspecting truck racers, but keeping it in the family is also acceptable.

Ridiculous tracks – One of your tracks as a roller coaster in the middle of it. Thumb up. Two thumbs up if we could drive our truck onto the coaster track itself. Keep that in mind for next time.

What It Did Wrong

Boop… – That horn was WAY too quiet. My truck should strike fear into all other vehicles and lifeforms with the power of its boop boop. A proper horn will also summon the demonic truck powers hidden away within. Your research was flawed.

The wrong way is the right way – Never limit my truck. Never tell my truck what to do. If I want to turn around during a race, do not stop me with arbitrary limits that reset my truck. Make the other trucks stop me. If they do not survive, my truck has more than proved itself to be the best truck on the road.

Let us derby – Come on, you added damage to the game, embrace it. You know what these trucks want to do.

In conclusion

Truck Racer has a serious identity crisis that gets in the way of true truck potential. It’s a damn shame. Nothing more. But true truckers will find a way to make the best of these trucks. Respect.

Truck Racer is available now on PC