Evolve Makes 4v1 Look Good From Both Sides

Turtle Rock, the developers behind Left 4 Dead definitely shook up the the multiplayer genre once before, and its next game, Evolve, may do so again.


Fair fight?

I’m a sucker for Danzig and Predator references so I stood no chance against the reveal trailer, but the gameplay demo below may have sealed my fate. On one side we have a group of futuristic soldiers/hunters of various classes and entertaining stereotypical designs (I do love space cowboys and epic beards). They each look to have complimentary special abilities that could combine into some serious firepower. These hunters are dropped off together in a dangerous jungle environment that is dripping with atmosphere (and humidity I’d guess).

The other side of this multiplayer battle is waiting in the shadows. One player will control a dangerous creature named Goliath that will try to stay one step of ahead of the hunters while he/she stalks prey and gains the ability to evolve into an even more dangerous creature. Evolve enough and those 4 on 1 odds will look a lot less favorable for the hunters, unless they can Goliath kill first.

Simple but brilliant premise that makes the Giants: Citizen Kabuto fan in me sit up and pay attention. Even better when you can see it in action:

Evolve is scheduled for release this fall on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.