The Horrible Gamer #022: The Puppy Cleanse


Zombie hunter in training.

It is good to be back. Sometimes you gotta take a break and reset your gaming priorities. Sometimes you gotta take a break because you bought a puppy. Sometimes you make it so those work out over the exact same stretch of time. I gotta say I couldn’t be happier with how things have been going because my game queue has never looked better and I’m confident that my dog won’t damage something important with waste from his body before I finish this article. (Well, not 100% confident but we’ve come a long way.)

We love The Grimmys, but it leaves a mean hangover. In cramming for our Games of the Year awards, I was actually worried that my “need to finish the important games” would carry over into the new year. I’m happy to report that isn’t the case. While I personally like to be as informed as possible on the latest and greatest and weirdest in gaming, that drive has burnt out more than a few of us at Horrible Night. This year we are making it a focus to play the games that we enjoy, the ones that make us curious, and the ones we can’t put down. We think it will make our content more entertaining to create as well as to read/watch/listen to by you our friends and fans.

The Witcher 2

Time to move forward, Geralt.

So far for me that has meant spending time with games that I’ve mistreated. First up, I’m about to undertake some heavy lifting and I’m telling you that I’m going to start/finish The Witcher 2 before The Witcher 3 comes out. Because now that I’ve played about a half-dozen hours I can say that Geralt is already one of my favorite video game characters. I thought I’d begrudgingly endure him, but his dry wit and killer skills have won me over.

Borderlands 2 Fish

There’s plenty of meat left on Borderlands 2.

To balance out the weightiness of The Witcher, I need to address how far behind I am on Borderlands 2 content. It’s embarrassing, especially to the gamer in me that poured about 100 hours into the original. Borderlands 2 has become my mindless escape as evidenced by the fact that I can still laugh every time a Nomad yells, “Give me your damn loot.” Of course, when the action can’t keep up and I’m not in the RPG mood, I’ve got Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance ready to slash things up on PC.

Sure there are more games on the horizon and I’ve got various indie/handheld distractions, but we’ll catch up on those later. Point is, that it’s going to be a fun February and that’s how it should be.

My question to you – What’s the one game you want to play right now?

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These seemed appropriate. Also Paul Robertson is awesome.

Dogs 1

Dogs 2

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  1. Jordan Wilson (MapCompassKey)

    I just finished (and I mean FINISHED) Skyrim – so I’ve switch over to the Witcher 2 to fill that “killing-shit-with-swords-and-magic” hole that was left behind.

    While I also enjoyed the 2D animation of doggies, I’m glad there is no sound to accompany it.

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