Scott Pilgrim Can Still Be Saved

Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Where the hell were you?

Things only got worse for our friend, Scott Pilgrim, in his battle vs the Box Office this weekend. Placing in a dismal 10th place overall, time may be running out to #SaveScottPilgrim on the big screen. We haven’t given up as we still hold out hope that geeks will unite to bring others to experience Scott Pilgrim vs The World. To help motivate you we have pulled together some context for the movie’s poor performance. Below that you will find ways to help prevent the movie from being a box office bust.

Worse than What?

First, up we have a look at the opening weekend’s performance of Scott Pilgrim compared to that of other video game themed movies (via Destructoid)

As I said, things only got worse the second weekend. Not only did the movie finish 10th overall, but gems like Vampires Suck, Lottery Ticket, and Piranha 3D all pulled in more money in their opening weekends than our misunderstood hero. I’ll leave it to Alex Navarro of to sum up my frustration with the most recent box office results:

Of all the sick fucking tragedies of this weekend, this has to be the sickest. Seriously? More people went to see Nanny McPhee this weekend than Scott Pilgrim? The Switch? VAMPIRES SUCK? That is a goddamned perversion of all that is right in the world. I saw it this week, and I had a blast with it. Goddamn you people. Goddamn you all to hell.

Last, we have a thoughtful plea gathered by Game Culture from Why Scott Pilgrim Matters and it’s heartfelt attempt to appeal to our geek sensibilities. He genuinely attempts to understand why we’d rather wait to steal movies made for us rather than support them.

With Scott Pilgrim vs. The World the geek stars have aligned in very special way, friends.

Don’t wait for video. Don’t wait until you find a torrent of the comics in PDF. format, you wicked pirate. Spend your spare coins and experience all three now while the last wisp of zeitgeist is still in the air.

You’ll have fun. You’ll laugh. And when you see all three of these artful Scott Pilgrim creations intersect you’ll learn a little something about comics, games and movies in the process.

If you don’t we can’t be friends any more.

Let that all sink in before you decide to keep on waiting on this movie to come to you. While you are waiting, Hollywood is busy approving the budget for Vampires Suck 2 instead of looking at a movie made for us. You can still help:

How to Save Scott Pilgrim

It all boils down to two simple actions

Get the Word Out

What we are doing: We’ve organized a contest to help get the word out. Join our Facebook page and Tweet #SaveScottPilgrim with this link – to spread the word. If we get enough people to share the link we will give away a copy of Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game.

What you can do: Tell your friends about the movie, show them trailers, show them the books, tell them that Michael Cera isn’t that bad. Let them know that time is running out, this movie may not be in theaters for long unless we do something big this week.

Go See the Movie

What we are doing: For our friends in Indianapolis, we have organized a screening of Scott Pilgrim vs The World on Thursday Aug 26. You can RSVP on our Facebook Event Page.

What you can do: Get your friends together in your city to set up screenings of your own and let us know. We will promote your events on our site and our Facebook Page.

Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Scott Pilgrim Deserves Better

It’s not every year that a movie comes out that not only brings together the culture that we love into a movie, and it’s even more rare when this movie is not only watchable, but extremely entertaining. This is our plea for Scott Pilgrim vs The World. We want it to stay in theaters for as long as possible and be remembered as a success, rather than just another video game movie box office bust.