The 2013 Grimmys: BFG Award

BFG Award - The 2013 Grimmys

Overachievers are fine by us when they blow our minds and exceed our wildest expectations. This game in particular didn’t have to try so hard, but we’re happy it did.

Grimmy WinnerGrand Theft Auto V
Sure, we expect a lot out of Rockstar Games when it comes to populating its open world games. After all, GTA is the bad ass grandpa of sandboxes. The thing is, as great as GTA V is, it probably could have gotten by with its fans and supporters with about 1/3 of its content and still be ahead of the competition. The game made me want to move to LA just so I could pick up on more of the environments references and style. Its easter eggs will drive the internet wild for years to come.


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