The 2013 Grimmys: Award Selections Part 1

The 2013 GrimmysSome of the games of 2013 deserve more than just a participation trophy. Justin, Ethan, Aaron, Coop, and Jordan settle in for a five part deliberations to hand out The 2013 Grimmys. First up, Bros, Gunz, Truckz, and Butts.

This special episode is a part of The 2013 Grimmys, Horrible Night’s game of the year awards. This show was recorded live on

The 2013 Grimmys Podcasts

Show Notes

Justin, Ethan, Aaron, Coop, Jordan

00:25 – Intro
02:20 – Best Brosef
18:35 – Best Gunz
33:43 – Best Hype Package
51:45 – Best Truckz
1:04:54 – Best Digital Butt
1:17:13 – More of These Award
1:42:32 – Date Night Award
1:56:00 – Quickie Award

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2 Comments The 2013 Grimmys: Award Selections Part 1

  1. gsilver

    On the subject of digital butts, I was hoping for at least a mention of the most prominent digital butt of the year, that being the Amazon from Dragon’s Crown.

    Laura Croft’s hair is a good pick, though.

  2. Justin Lacey

    I don’t know how we missed that, maybe file that one under so obvious that we missed it? Then again her butt may fall under the “badonkadonk” category so I hope you can understand our oversight. She deserved at least a mention or an uncomfortable reflection.

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