Astroman Stands Out Among Other XBL Indie Games

To be honest, I don’t check out the Indie Games section of XBLA much, even though I love indie games. I buy indie games on my phone, on my computer, and try to support the semi-indie games (Shank, etc) that appear on XBLA. For some reason though, the section they have labeled “Indie Games”, never seems to have anything that looks good in it.

AstromanThe trailer for Astroman may be game that I could spend a little bit of time playing, for the right price. Developed by StarQuail Games, the art style jumps out a bit more than other Xbox Live Indie titles, and the platforming looks fun. Give it to me for less than four bucks and we’ve got a deal.


2 Comments Astroman Stands Out Among Other XBL Indie Games

  1. Humpty

    Why is the game 240 MSPs. The game is only 27 MBs & from what I remember the only time a indie game cant be priced at 80 MSPs is if they exceed 50 MBs.

    What gives? I cant but till I know why the price is marked up.

    Is the game long, how many levels?

  2. JDevL

    File size isn’t necessarily a good gauge for pricing, but I believe the indie developers set their own pricing. $3 seems reasonable to me for for a fun platforming game even if it’s only a few levels.

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