Arcade Challenge of the Week – FixEight


Vertical shooters tend to flourish when you are controlling an overpowered aerial flying object, but we’ve flown enough recently. We wanted something grounded and with a bit more style than the classics soldier shooters like Commando and Ikari Warriors. I can’t say I know much about Toaplan’s catalog of shooters, but stumbling into FixEight has been one of our better discoveries.

Fixeight gets its name from a really bad play on words involving “fixate”, and the eight playable characters, each with different weapons. – Hardcore Gaming 101

FixEight Boxx

3 on 1? Where are my 7 bros?

Soldiers, ninjas, robots, aliens, are all represented. Each character has two unique weapons and a special ability. Each weapon can be powered up 3 times and weapons are swapped by stepping onto special tiles scattered throughout the level. Some weapons are forward-facing, some can shoot in any direction, some spread out, and some destroy anything right in front of your face. Get caught with the wrong weapon in the wrong stage, and FixEight will destroy you. It is not an easy game, but when played run-n-gun-n-explode style it is as fun and chaotic as any of the genre greats. So much so that the game itself can barely keep up and navigating the slow down becomes an essential skill to survival (and to racking up a top score).

There are seven levels, all of them containing at least two major bad guys. Some of the best ones are a large computer that removes tiles on the floor and a gigantic skull with an electric brain sticking out of it that has a mace in its mouth. – Hardcore Gaming 101

The character of the week definitely ended up being the ninja, H Ziguragi, who is pretty much unstoppable when he unleashes his horde of shadow ninjas. There’s nothing stealthy about the firepower of your ninja squad. More ninjas = more explosions = all of the points.

Challenge Results
Winner = 386,893
Justin = 247,773


Hardcore Gaming 101