WTF Is This: Comrad Gaming Helmet

Every so often, you come across something that’s just so unusual that you question whether capitalism and all of the creativity common to it is really that good of an idea. Today, while trying to shop for the Horde, otherwise known as my many cousins, was one of those times. Without further adieu, I present to you the Comrad Gaming Helmet.

They don't show up on infra-red!

They don’t show up on infra-red!

Although it’s known for having geeky things (which may have something to do with their name), I don’t normally react to products on ThinkGeek with “What the f*@$ is that? Are you kidding me?” No, normally it’s “Oooh. I want that.” However, ThinkGeek, one of my favorite sites to buy things from (which, incidentally, has an awesome customer service department </shameless plug>), managed to catapult itself to a different level of the absurd with its product allowing you to “be truly immersed in the experience.” Immersed in the. What the. But. A helmet? If you overdid the energy drinks, it’d prevent you from adding insult to injury by keeping you from getting a concussion to go with your shut-down kidneys, so I guess it’s got that going for it?

My sense of the ridiculous on display.

I told you I have a sense of the ridiculous.

I’d never buy this thing, and it’s not because I don’t have a sense of the ridiculous. It’s just that…well, most of the really hardcore FPS players I know (the ones who get really into it, so you’re a little worried about them) are pubescent boys (or dudes who never got past being a pubescent boy). It’s just too…twyhard, maybe? Or a little too close to the “I use FPS-es for training purposes, if you know what I mean?”

Also, it doesn’t come in diamond-studded gold to match my AN-94 with target-finder and rapid-fire.

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