The Horrible Gamer #021: The Love Goes Boom

Out of nowhere I had one of my more jubilant weeks in gaming last week. The funny thing is, based on the games I played, I could have experienced this a lot earlier in the year. But that is one of the joys of a large backlog, even when you are late to the party, it’s still a party. And you know what they say, “Ain’t no party like a Dovahkin Croft party because they have horses with crazy AI problems and enough gas explosions to bring down ancient civilations.” That phrase should probably be catchier.

But first a quick nod to the only recent release in my current solo playlist, in fact, it’s so recent it’s not even out yet because Nuclear Throne is in early access on Steam right now. I highly recommend this to anyone who played and enjoyed any of Vlambeer’s games, namely fans of Super Crate Box. For everyone else, if you like retro games, top down shooters, and roguelikes Nuclear Throne may have something for you.

It had been over a month since I last checked in on my platonic NPC lifemate, Lydia, and the world of Skyrim. Indecisiveness around what I wanted my character to focus on next allowed this game to slip out of my weekly rotation. While I eventually settled for knocking out some story quests, it turns out, it doesn’t matter what quest I’m working on because the best parts of Skyrim are still the random moments that happen on your way to that quest. This is especially true when your horse continues to have a death wish and tries to sprint into towers that it can’t fit in all in the name of defending your honor. I love you, Shadowmere.

Tomb Raider

Yeah, I did.

I had such a good time in Skyrim that I was all set for even more dragonborn hijinks, when I looked at a calendar and realized that I had better not spend my entire weekend playing a 2 year-old game when there were 2013 releases I still needed to finish. Tomb Raider found itself at the top of my list, and I’ve really enjoyed the adventuring in that game. However, I did not expect to completely lose myself to its ridiculous action quite like I did. Somewhere around the midpoint of that game, it turns into an all-out action movie and calling it a blast seems kinda tame when the entire world was exploding around me for a good 45 minutes straight. While I pine for some good environmental puzzles, Lara finally shut that voice up in my head when we both broke out of our survivalist mentality and just started kicking bad guy asses. More accurately we started shooting bad guy faces and stopped worrying about all of our flesh wounds long enough to enjoy ourselves. Tomb Raider – big dumb fun. I love classic Lara Croft, but I also love you, badass Lara.

What was the last game to pump you up so much that you jumped off the couch/out of your chair?

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