Night Force Action Report #113 – Have Another

Night Force Action Report #113Aaron and Justin coast along through painful goodbyes to bring back the Night Force. Aaron with his Pikmin and his criminal ways. Justin with his Alien Rage and Russian strong men. It’s the big beefy podcast that you all deserve.

Night Force Action Report – The editorial video game podcast where the cast gets caught up on the games they’ve been playing, new releases, brainstorms original material for the site, and pitches a few game ideas.

This show was recorded live on The final video will be available on

Show Notes

Cast: Justin, Aaron

Topic Summary

  • 00:16 – Intro and Off-Topic
  • 21:10 – New Releases
  • What We’ve Been Playing
  • 26:17 – Wind Waker HD, Wii U, Pikmin 3
  • 42:15 – Grand Theft Auto V
  • 52:03 – Karnov, Donkey Kong Jr, Gyuss
  • 58:07 – Alien Rage, Shadow Warrior, Delver
  • 1:14:33 – Editorializing and Livestreaming Updates
  • 1:19:24 – Game Pitches

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