REPLY TO ALL: BioShock Infinite

This week’s REPLY TO ALL is Horrible Night’s reaction to the trailer released by Irrational Games showing off their new game: BioShock Infinite.


I am extremely excited about BioShock Infinite. I loved the setting and atmosphere of the first BioShock and this style is right in my wheel house. I feel like a total nerd when I say I love steam punk but I do. Well I love it in my TV, movies and video games at least. There are elements of this that definitely scream BioShock but I wish it was set in a different universe. A game from Irrational doesn’t need the BioShock name to sell. It will sell because it will be good. This is the most excited I’ve been about a major release in a while. However, it sucks that it’s not coming for a year and half.


I agree with you on the fact that I don’t know that it needs the BioShock name.  I’ll be interested to see how they try to tie the story in to make the name make sense.  I would’ve been completely fine with something new from them in a new world.  I was pretty happy with how BioShock 2 ended. I am really glad to see they’re not trying to milk another game out of the underwater Rapture city.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved Rapture. BioShock ranks really close behind Gears of War as far as one of my all time favorite games. But, I wasn’t as impressed with BioShock 2 mainly just because it was the same scenery and there weren’t really any improvements in the engine. But they added enough that i ended up really liking the game by the end.  I’m really hoping that Infinite makes me feel like i did while I was playing BioShock 1.  So far its looking like a good recipe.

The beautiful Columbia.


BioShock was a joy to play, but I didn’t pick up the sequel for the very reason Coop previosuly pointed out. While the steampunk/art deco style was great, I wasn’t too excited to roam the ruptured city of Rapture again. However, Infinite looks to take that style and apply it to an opposite setting of the utopia turned dystopia that was seen in both BioShock games. It would be interesting to see a place that benefitted from regulated plasma use and the giant mechanical hand makes me think that robots are an even bigger part of Columbia’s society. I do hope that there are still mutants as mutants usually make or break a game for me (don’t ask me why). What I hope is to see the breakdown of a city as opposed to the aftermath. I don’t think it needs the BioShock name to boost attention, but if they plan to expand the universe than its probably pretty important to maintain some association to the previous titles.


I’m as excited as everyone that Irrational is making another new game. I was a huge fan of System Shock 2, and I’m with Coop in that BioShock is up there on my best experiences on this generation of consoles, if not the top one. I gotta say though, I was disappointed when I saw the BioShock name at the end of the trailer.

She shocked my system too.

I’m interested to see how they tie it into the series and if they continue to just adapt the BioShock formula as they define it in different settings. However, I don’t think a new IP outright would sell as well as continuing the BioShock name. This is where we are at with the other major publishers, when they find a cash cow to compete with those of Activision/EA, they have to milk it and they can’t take any risks. It may be negligible as far as sales go, but they have to stick with the name that people know. Especially when they never expected that name to sell like it did. Can’t blame them for not expecting lightning to strike twice. Even if we disagree with it.


I totally agree with Ethan that a story that takes place during the breakdown of the city as opposed to the aftermath would be a great change of pace.  And Justin is also correct that they’re probably just using BioShock for sales.  I’d say a larger percentage of people who have played BioShock couldn’t tell you who the game developer is, so its definitely a safer bet for them to whore out a reputable name.


I think the story will come across as feeling pretty similar to the original. Now, if you triggered the downfall in the middle of the game and had to escape along with those you cared about, that could be something.

Jadetiger CG

I can’t wait to play it. I think bringing the fans of BioShock into a new environment was a smart move. I have a feeling the two stories will connect in a pretty good way. Possibly the trigger for why Andrew Ryan built Rapture in the first place. Sounds like this floating city in America does not approve of splicing from what I saw on their website. I’m all for expanding a universe that is working. BioShock 2 wasn’t as great as BioShock 1 but watching my brother playing the second one, not having played the first himself, he absolutely loved it and it reminded me of the things I really did like about it. I did for the most part enjoy it, with the exception of the main villain and the weak ending. Anywho, bring it on.

This guy does not like you.


I don’t think it’s necessarily a given that they will tie the universe together. It almost seems like they were trying to figure out what the formula was for a BioShock game to the point it reminded me of The Legend of Zelda series. Key recurring elements, without making the stories drive each other in any way. I could be wrong. But if they go in this direction, the BioShock series could be kind of endless.


If they don’t tie the games together I think the naming convention is kind of pointless. That means they don’t believe in the strength of making an original IP and are worried about the bottom line more than anything else. I really hope that isn’t true because this is a bad precedent to set. On the other hand, I get your point about it becoming a series like The Legend of Zelda or even Final Fantasy. If the key returning elements are what drives Irrational to name it BioShock, then the subtitles are what the game really is. Are we going to then see a BioShock Infinite 2 at some point?

This will be awesome.


I forgot about the obvious one there, Final Fantasy. I’d like to see more games go that route so they aren’t reliant on continuity between their games. It will give you endless possibilities, and I’d really like to see what a western developer could do with that perspective. Of course, they’d probably still hand off BioShock Infinite 2 to another developer in the meantime to justify waiting that long between new games.


It sounds like we are all excited for BioShock Infinite but one of the major questions we have is whether or not it will be connected to the first BioShock. It might not matter because Irrational Games has made some great games in the past and this looks like they are going to be continuing their streak.


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