Top Video Game Podcast of the Week #116s – Single Player Edition

Top Video Game Podcast of the WeekAfter fending off infection, Justin arrives on the podcast to find that the rest of the Horrible Night staff is MIA. With the help of the live chat audience he discusses Saints Waker HD, December release dates, and Valve’s Steam Hype Train and more.

Top Video Game Podcast of the Week – The interactive weekly gaming updates show featuring the games of the week and best and worst in gaming from the Horrible Night staff and the live chat audience.

Thanks to Rhinoceros Beetle for allowing the use of  “Witchhh (Soundtrack)” from the album Horse Pact EP as the TVGP theme song.

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3 Comments Top Video Game Podcast of the Week #116s – Single Player Edition

  1. Verdian_

    Finally managed to listen the solo podcast after some internet problems. I enjoyed it, it’s not as interactive as with multiple persons, but it works imo. Maybe talk more about gaming news of the past week to keep everyone updated about what has been going on. Add some new releases for the week for example, or stuff you are looking forward to for the upcoming week.
    But the solo podcast surely worked for me and enjoyed listening to it. Wish I could have been in the chat as well, but the late-night (for me) streams are getting a problem to follow because of the time difference :(

  2. Justin Lacey

    I believe in your mission, Daleeni.

    V, thanks for the feedback man. I don’t see the solo podcasts being a regular thing, but if so I think they’d be much shorter 15 min news and new release recaps so you are right on. Thanks for the Answers of the Week as that motivated me to go ahead with the solo cast and we’ll keep trying to have a combination of early and late streams so that everyone gets at least one show a week during normal/human hours.

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