$100 for 100 Night Moves Contest and Highlight Reel

Update – Entrees will be closed at 7pm EDT on Oct 29th, 2013

Announcing the winner

We will no longer be taking entrants into the contest after 7pm EDT on Oct 29th. We will announce the winner live during the Night Force Action Report podcast on Oct 29th starting at 7:30pm EDT on on Twitch.TV/HorribleNight.

Thanks once again for your support of our livestreams, our YouTube videos, and HorribleNight.com. It has been a pleasure failing repeatedly and rarely succeeding for all of you.

While it is still debatable whether or not any of our Night Moves videos actually qualify as highlights, the fact remains that through your support of our livestreams on Twitch.TV/HorribleNight and our YouTube Channel we have played enough games to put together 100 highlight videos. So we thought it was time for another reel featuring our 50 most recent highlights of 33 different games. While this reel proved to be more fun to put together than the first 50, the number 100 seemed a bit more significant so we thought we’d amp up our celebration by trying to figure out which are your favorite highlights and rewarding one of you for voting.

Night Moves Contest

Help us pick a favorite video and one random voter will receive a $100 gaming gift card of his/her choosing.

What to watch:

  1. Go to the Night Moves Playlist on YouTube to see the full list of 100 highlights.
  2. View and like your 3 favorite videos while you are there then come back to this post.

How to enter:

  1. Login with a valid email address and leave a comment on this page below.
  2. Your comment must vote for at least 1 but no more than 3 favorite videos from the Night Moves Playlist.
  3. One entry per person.

How to win:

  1. The contest will be open from Sep 18, 2013 up until there are at least 20 entrants AND 100 views of “The Next 50 Night Moves Clip Show” video.
  2. After the contest closes, one winner will be selected randomly from the comments.
  3. The winner will be announced live on an upcoming Horrible Night podcast and later contacted via email.
  4. If the email is not valid or a response is not given within 48 hours, a new winner will be randomly selected.
  5. The winner will receive a single online code for a $100 (U.S.) gaming gift card for use on the platform of his/her choosing.
  6. Platforms are limited to Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, Nintendo (Wii, Wii U, or 3DS), or Steam. An Amazon gift card is also an option.

Thank all of you for your continued support of Horrible Night and our livestreams. Here’s to another 100 games and good luck to all of you that enter the $100 for 100 Night Moves Contest. Subscribe and join us in chat during our next livestream. In the meantime, you can also relive The First 50 Night Moves right here:

22 Comments $100 for 100 Night Moves Contest and Highlight Reel

  1. Rut

    Outlast – From inside your house gets my vote. Silly Justin, kids love horror/violence!

  2. Tyler Stickans

    #1 (4:52 – 5:04) “Um…I like to bring a level of professionalism to the table that, O POOP, POOP, POOP, POOOP!”

    #2 (0:20-0:24) You guys just laughed, no words needed.

    #3 (2:26-2:29) “Super Agent Leon Kennady, a buh-huh buh-huh” As he runs around and stumbles over the zombies.

  3. nilmar

    7. Skyrim – Horse assassin
    26. Worms 2: Armageddon – World’s worst worms
    96. Halo 4 – We don’t allow trucks in here

  4. Happyhappymatt

    Super Metroid – the worst ending

    FTL – never give up, never celebrate early

    Saint’s Row IV – hot wheels

    Ethan’s poofessionalism in Don’t Starve was also pretty damn funny

  5. drakkmire

    Have to go with “Saints Row: The Third – The roof floor is on fire” for the best. The background music is perfect!

    Runners up:

    Another World – He didn’t see me
    Dark Souls – Terrible customer

  6. Ryan

    Saint’s Row IV – Dual Dub Step Guns
    Super Metroid – The Worst Ending
    Outlast – From Inside the House

  7. Rut

    Yea I’m going to second the Super Metroid – the worst ending, that’s a solid #2 for me.

    Mmmmm solid #2.

  8. moses5885

    the shooting down the eagle, elevator japanese one, the last one when you throw the grenade at the airplane

  9. Aaron

    Just to throw out my professional opinion:

    1. Trials Evolution – Dammit dah
    2. Don’t Starve – Poop!
    3. Outlast – From inside your house

  10. Jordan Wilson (MapCompassKey)

    1) 0:35 – Justin trying to find the secret he “remembers” in Super Metroid

    2) 1:03 – Coop trying to jump across that gap for about five minutes

    3) 2:30 – Scary games and little girls laughing behind Justin

  11. Ravenova

    Saints Row IV – Hot Wheels
    Borderlands 2 – These are my friends
    Metroid: Zero Mission – Not good enough to break this game

  12. Pitman

    Saints Row IV – Dual Dubstep Guns
    Left 4 Dead 2 – Car alarm
    Ethan Screams at Outlast (take your pick!)

  13. Daleeni

    Can all the Skyrim videos count as one? :D

    N°1 – Skyrim “grid trap”
    N°2 – I don’t know the name of the game but you’re running with a shotgun and… fell :D
    N°3 – Creepy kid behind you

  14. justaredhead

    Saints Row IV – Fradulent cartwheels
    Saints Row IV – Hotwheels
    Outlast – From inside your house (Freaking hilarious!)

  15. Verdian_

    This is too hard! There are too many amazing highlights, but here I guess is my top 3.

    1. #58 Don’t Starve – Poop!
    2. #1 Outlast – From inside your house
    3. #19 Trials Evolution – Dammit dah

    (honorable 4th: #3 Outlast – He called me a fish)

    Keep up the good work guys, looking forward to see the next 100 :D

  16. Verdian_

    And ofcourse missed one… #42 Awesomenauts – Do you understand traps?
    featuring myself!

  17. Dean

    I have to go with Mr. Dave’s family for my #1.
    Justin’s real life Outlast, and Aaron’s pedo-check for 2 and 3.

  18. Danaria88

    Outlast – From inside your our house
    Cus this was funny and the closest I could come to someone screaming like a little girl. Too bad they didn’t put one of Ethan up there NOW THOSE I WOULD HAVE VOTED FOR!

  19. PF1000

    I would have to say Super Metroid – The Worst Ending was my favorite. Partially because that was when I discovered Horrible Night and partially because it was just wonderful xD

  20. Andrew Someillan

    Saints Row IV – Hotwheels – The glitchmobile!

    Payday 2 – Did you even check the stairs?

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