The Horrible Gamer #019: The Colors and The Nudity

Volgarr the Viking

Right this way.

Coming off of two of my more focused weeks of gaming in recent history, I wasn’t really looking for new games to play. After all I was on a mission. A mission of horror immersion that proved to be all consuming even outside of the games themselves. I hate playing horror games around distractions, most of all, the sun. This meant that I found myself with a bit of time when that jerk decided to show up for an entire morning and afternoon on a Saturday. I decided to go exploring in the new releases, and as has been the case with most of 2013, I found two fresh new faces from seemingly out of nowhere.

Granted, I had heard a few rumblings about Legend of Dungeon during its Steam Greenlight phase, but not enough for me to pick it from a lineup of roguelike dungeon crawlers. Volgarr the Viking, on the other hand, I was ready to write this one off from hitting too close to my friend Tiny Barbarian DX. After all barbarians and vikings cannot coexist and I had picked my team even before I knew there was a competition. Of course, this is just small glimpse into the battles that take place in my head when I literally only know the title and genre for a new game that I only read because they were so conveniently placed next to a solitary screenshot. Context be damned.

So yeah, after I, you know, read some things about both games (because I’m not a complete ass) and watched a trailer or two (or in the case of Legend of Dungeon, listened to the entire soundtrack), I decided that both of these games needed to be played immediately. I gotta give credit to Indie Statik for making me interested enough to dig into Volgarr because it would have taken me a while to discover just how mean it is in all of the best Ghosts ‘N Goblins type of ways. I respect a hero that will literally fight through his clothes to survive. Volgarr’s skills all have multiple uses and the platforming is as smart as the enemy’s are lethal. Don’t go in expecting to mash your way through it, but do expect some extreme levels of self-satisfaction when you and Volgarr assert your dominance. Speaking of which, Adult Swim Games is building up a stable of quality games and Volgarr might be its best yet.

Legend of Dungeon has personality to spare which makes its dungeons a lot of fun to delve into. When you add in bizarre potions and an assortment of animal (and non-animal) hats into the mix, it makes you wish that more games had this much self-confidence to just be themselves. In between chuckles and laser cat fodder, I found myself addicted to exploring the crannies of each level in hopes of finding an awesome new weapon or spell to compliment my character’s fashion sense. Legend of Dungeon nails an undervalued quality that is forgotten by the more masochistic roguelikes out there, in that it’s as fun to succeed as it is to fail (or whatever it means when your character’s puke is the color of rainbows).

What was the last game that pulled you away from a previous gaming commitment?

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