Spelunky Daily Challenged Week #2: Son of a Dammit

Week 2 technically went better, but Spelunky also decided to get a bit nasty after I got the better of it, once. That’s how it goes though, you have one good run, you get cocky, and then all of a sudden even your every day spikes will reach up and grab you. No matter how careful or thoughtless you are, death could be one misstep away.

Spelunky has taken more than a few of our lives in the past month, thanks in no small part to the PC version’s addition of daily challenges. After I got off to a truly horrible start, I decided to record/livestream as many of my daily challenge sessions as possible. Maybe I’ll learn something, maybe I’ll improve, but most likely we all just get to relive my ongoing discovery of new ways to fail on a daily basis. As the bruises start to heal at the end of each week, I’ll bring you the highlights of all of the falls, bites, accidental escapes, and complete failures from my first full week of Spelunky daily challenges.

Spelunky Ghost

Why are you in such a rush?

This week’s enemy of the week is that ghost who is suddenly a lot smarter about picking which side to appear on.

Daily Challenged videos are recorded live nightly (or as often as possible) on our Twitch.tv channel.

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