Resistance 3 Teaser May Produce Bowel Movements

I was hoping this billboard wasn't just being presumptuous

The announcement of a game is usually followed up with a “trailer” (commonly referred to as a teaser) usually consisitng of none game footage or an overdramatic reveal of that particular games new logo, much to the disdain of myself and fellow Horrible Night writers. The brains behind the Resistance: Fall of Man franchise  must have been reading our minds as while their trailer for Resistance 3 (shown this week at Gamescon in Germany) doesn’t have any actual in-game footage, it does cause an intestinal sensation that may makes fans want to poop their pants in anticipation.

The merging of Hollywood and the game industry isn’t always a bad thing as both could stand to learn a few lessons from the other. The example that follows may just be a sign that the merger of mediums is moving in a good direction. On a side note, a Resistance movie doesn’t seem too far fetched now.


Giant Bomb