Mega Headlines: StreetPass Worms Betrayer


Not much has changed.

How important is it to sell a lot of console units? Just compare the Wii U vs the 3DS. If the Wii U had the 3DS’s numbers, Nintendo wouldn’t have to worry about its AAA software. Instead it could turn to releasing meaningless StreetPass games to rake in millions of dollars. Team17 will be going after those millions by making a new IP. I guess you can’t make only Worms games forever, even though fans like me will play them forever as long as there is a new subtitle after the word. Hell, I could be tricked into playing a new Worms game if they sold it as a “black and white special edition.” It would not look as cool as Betrayer though, which manages to do more with those two colors than most games do with a full palette.

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The last few days in headlines

  • List of August indie game releases from Indie Statik. I could get used to lists like this.
  • Nintendo makes $4 million in a month off of new StreetPass Games. We are dumb.
  • American McGee’s Kickstarter for regaining control of the Alice movie rights was successful. Next up, animated short films.
  • Ubisoft has an end in mind for Assassin’s Creed games. That just means they are going to keep making them until this generation of gamers passes on.
  • Saints Row IV character creator released. Make the President.
  • Team17 is taking a break from Worms. I don’t know what to think of the world anymore.

Release Dates, Previews, Trailers and Reviews

  • Lots of people care about EverQuest Next. Destructible environments are kinda awesome.
  • FEAR plus No One Lives Forever leads to Betrayer. Black and white never looked so good.
  • SpookyQuest invokes A Link to the Past. And looks great doing it.