(Update) Night Force Puppy Games Ultrabundle Giveaway During Live Podcast Tuesday Aug 6th


Update: We will be giving away a 2nd copy of the Ultrabundle during our podcast Thursday at 9:30pm EDT. Congrats to PF1000 for winning Tuesday’s bundle.

During this week’s episode of Night Force Action Report we will be giving away a copy of the Puppy Games Ultrabundle. Check out the details below on how you can be eligible to win. The 2013 season of The Horrible Shows has been unlike any other. After the retirement of our original podcasts, Horrible Night has emerged with two brand new shows, Night Force Action Report (Tuesdays at 7:30pm EDT) and Top Video Game Podcast of the Week (Thursdays at 10pm EDT). The Horrible Shows are broadcast live on our Twitch channel and you can subscribe to the audio versions on iTunes or Stitcher. Support our podcasts by leaving us a review and sharing with your friends.

Ultrabundle Giveaway

Night Force Action Report will be live on Tuesday, August 6th 2013 at 7:30pm EDT on http://www.twitch.tv/horriblenight

  1. We will pose a question live during Tuesday’s podcast, that will then be posted on the Horrible Night Facebook page.
  2. Participants will have until the end of the show to post a response on the provided Facebook link.
  3. To enter, participants need to answer the question on Facebook along with his/her Twitch.TV username.
  4. A winner will be chosen at random from the answers on the Facebook page. Limit one entry per person.
  5. To be eligible to win and receive the prize, the winner will A) need to acknowledge acceptance of the award in live chat on the Horrible Night Twitch.TV channel and B) have a working Steam account in order to accept the gift from Horrible Night.
  6. If the winner does not meet either requirement, a new winner will be randomly chosen that meets these requirements.

Useful Links

Disclaimer: This is a Horrible Night promotion. Puppy Games is not officially involved in this contest. We just like this bundle.