Cheap and Dirty Gamer: Min Hero Tower of Sages Forced Responsibility on Me


Pets are a huge responsibility and because of this, one should think very long and hard on the prospects of actually owning them. The creators of Min Hero: Tower of Sages don’t adhere to this thoughtful approach to adopting animals as they fling you headlong into a life of caring for combat pets with little warning.

I’d like to say that Tower of Sages is like Pokemon on steroids, but it’s actually just Pokemon on whatever run of the mill drugs Pokemon usually takes. Whether or not that makes it an homage or copy cat is up to you as I’ve never played a Pokemon game in my life. That means that when I do get the chance to do so, I could probably say something along the lines of “Oh, this game is a lot like Tower of Sages.”  That would be very hipster of me, however, so I won’t.

Take that you sweet, dough eyed beast!

Take that you sweet, dough eyed beast!

In the game, you play a young upstart named Steve (well, that’s what I named him) who must make his way through a magical tower that happens to be the training grounds for folks who’d rather place innocent little animals into battle as opposed to resolving their problems on their own. While this sounds like an activity that children would more than likely partake in, you’ll be shocked to find out that grown men and women also take part in these battles. So, not only is the game thrusting the responsibility of a pet onto you, it’s also asking that you kill the pets of other people, people who probably saved up their allowance for a long time in order to purchase their very own static discharging boar. Good luck sleeping tonight.

Min-Hero is pretty solid and, after playing it, I kind of understand why people are so bananas about Pokemon. This still doesn’t excuse either game from promoting what amounts to be cock fights between mythological creatures. I’m sure PETA has already been made aware by some crazy jerk that can’t distinguish fantasy from reality, so maybe this little horror will get broken up eventually. In the meantime, give the game a whirl. Then, look at pictures of all your childhood pets and ask yourself whether or not it’d be appropriate to put them into the same scenario as you’re putting these new pets.


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