Night Force Action Report #105 – Khajerk Ride Along

Night Force Action ReportAaron returns from the cabin in the woods with plenty of loot and friendly demons. Ethan drives his truck to MOBA training. Justin tries to avoid killing his companions with Steam trading cards. Plus Cthulhu and the best food in the galaxy.

Night Force Action Report – The editorial video game podcast where the cast gets caught up on the games they’ve been playing, new releases, brainstorms original material for the site, and pitches a few game ideas.

This show was recorded live on The final video is also available on

Show Notes

Cast: Justin, Ethan, Aaron

Topic Summary

  • 00:16 – Intro and Off-Topic
  • 16:30  – New Releases
  • What We’ve Been Playing
  • 21:32 – Shin Megami Tensei IV, Torchlight 2, Reus, Steam Trading Cards
  • 35:40 – Skyrim, Sunset Riders, Mortal Kombat, DLC Quest, Borderlands 2
  • 54:28  – Awesomenauts, Rayman Origins, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth
  • 1:12:15  – Live Streams and Editorializing
  • 1:22:17  – Game Pitches

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