The Horrible Gamer #011: The Reintroduction

There’s nothing more daunting in your backlog than a game that you have poured dozens of hours into but know that you will have to start over from the beginning once you choose to go back to it. For whatever reason, I’m working through that hurdle with two giant games at once.

How do you combat replaying familiar sections of games you love to get to the good/new stuff?

Borderlands 2 Flynt

How many times must I kill you?

With Borderlands 2, I probably dropped 30 hours into the single player campaign before switching platforms. Yet, I still want to see the entire game through so I can enjoy some of its stellar existing DLC (Tiny Tina) and the promise of new DLC yet to come. Easier said then done, as I think I have hit my cap on how many times (5) that I can play through the intro missions. In building up my new Psycho character, I have managed to wring out the last bits of newness to these familiar missions by going the completionist route. After I had scoured the corners of the opening areas, I opened up a walkthrough guide to discover a few challenges that I hadn’t completed. Suddenly, the missions started flying by thanks to my tasty new carrots. I was starving for new content, and if I can push through the next few hours, Borderlands 2 will once again open its flood gates of strange locations and character unto me.

Over in Skyrim, new content isn’t the problem. My 40+ hours into the game during my initial run, barely scratched the surface. No matter how much you have played Skyrim, your biggest enemy to progressing is remaining focused and not getting overwhelmed with your quest log. Take too long of a break, and it can get hard to remember what the hell you were doing and when I feel lost, I move on to other games. I don’t quite have the solution to that problem yet, but I am making a concentrated effort to play Skyrim at least once a week. I’m pacing myself, but so far it seems to be working.

Of course it also helps to have a dumb AI companion to keep you entertained and feel a bit less crazy when you are talking to yourself:

Culture Break

Oh, for the love of god, shut up.

Shut up Slippy