Colonial Marines DLC Out, Hurray?

I'm a gonna tickle your genitals!

I’m a gonna tickle your genitals!

A  sneaky piece of DLC has made itself available today for the infamous Aliens: Colonial Marines. The DLC, an addition to the game that is supposed to enhance the story or add content as a means of keeping it relevant, features a storyline from the perspective of three characters that seem to be important to the narrative of Aliens: Colonial Marines. The most important fact about this DLC is that it’s ten dollars, money that could go towards many more important purchases. Being the helpful individual that I am, here is a list of those purchases:


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  1. TheProphecymnm

    What did you do, go to the interweb and type in “crap I can buy for $9.99?” Animal Butt Magnets?… can’t make that stuff up folks.

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