The Horrible Gamer #010: The Blocky and Wormy Road Back

Gaming as an escape sometimes isn’t as easy as choosing a random game and just going with it. With so many contrasting highs and lows going on in my personal life lately, I needed a gaming outlet that felt mindless without feeling like a waste of time. I’ve never been so thankful for an alpha version of a game as I was when I got sucked into Cube World. Currently, the game has no music, so it just features ambient noises when you aren’t in combat (and when you don’t have a friend with a harmonica and voice chat). I have to say for a game where I wander around and slaughter cute creatures with a sword, it was downright tranquil. Time started to fly by as I explored mountains and forests. Video game therapy at its finest.I eventually bounced back, and Cube World can ramp up the action pretty quickly when it needs to. It’s even more action packed and enjoyable with friends.

Once my gaming juices were flowing though, my competitive side came back and thanks to GiffTor and our friend of the site, Legend_Nilmar, we settled in for a few rounds of Worms 2: Armageddon. Now, I don’t have the Worms skills that I used to, but I don’t think any one does these days. Since then I’ve gone back to play 3 more versions of Worms and while it can’t hold my attention for long when I’m playing one on one, every version still shines when you have multiple opponents. After plenty of worm fails, lucky bounces, and explosions not only did my nostalgia for the series return, but I also had some much needed gamer bonding to solidify my return to more uninhibited gaming. Everything sounds good again.

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