Forsaken Fortress Looks Amazing

Getting pumped up.Being a good journalist means being up to date on all the latest gaming news, especially fresh projects coming our way via Kickstarter. Being that I’m a mediocre journalist, I tend to be a few months behind on things. That doesn’t mean, however that I can’t still get excited when I see something really great come across my internet browser and I am unbelievably excited for Forsaken Fortress.

Forsaken Fortress is a post apocalyptic simulation game where you’re tasked with maintaining the safety and well-being of a group full of human survivors. While there’s definitely some RTS-esque gameplay going on, the simulation side of this game is what really caught my attention. Not only will you be combining the remnants of civilization for supplies, you’ll also need to keep your people happy, a task that I can only imagine is a bit difficult when there’s nothing but reruns on the television and supplies of nachos are at an all time low.

The best thing about discovering Forsaken Fortress this late is that it’s already been successfully funded (way back in December) and is slated to arrive to PC in October 2013.


Forsaken Fortress on Kickstarter
Forsaken Fortress Official Page