Contest: Scott Pilgrim vs The Box Office (Updated)

Scott Pilgrim vs The Box Office Contest

Contest has ended: Thanks to everyone who helped #SaveScottPilgrim. We did not meet our Sharing goal (final tally: 202). Be sure to check out our contest summary if you left a comment before the deadline.

A geek tragedy occurred over the weekend. Scott Pilgrim vs The World may have won over Comic-Con, gamers, and movie critics, but it wasn’t enough to avoid a box office bust. The movie finished 3rd out of the new releases and 5th overall bringing in a disappointing $10 million compared to it’s $90 million budget. But Scott Pilgrim will fight! And you can win a copy of Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game.

Update 1: Indianapolis Scott Pilgrim vs The World Screening – Thurs Aug 26th
Update 2: Our final plea to Save Scott Pilgrim

Why Fight?

  1. Scott Pilgrim, the books and the movie, promote gamer and geek culture in a way we have never seen before.
  2. Edgar Wright has made a fantastic and entertaining movie with style to spare.
  3. Make a statement. After this weekend, studios think we want more movies like The Expendables and Eat. Pray. Love., and less like Scott Pilgrim vs The World.

Our Goal

To spread the word to fans of Scott Pilgrim to go see the movie, go see it again, and to take someone new with them in order to keep the movie from being a box office bust.

Tweet #SaveScottPilgrim with a link to this contest

Fan Up on the Scott Pilgrim vs The Box Office Facebook Page

The Contest

  1. Start: The contest will become active once we reach our Sharing Goal of a combined total  of 400 tweets or Facebook Likes about this contest.
  2. To Enter: Leave a comment on this page before the deadline, stating how you will help Scott Pilgrim defeat the Box Office along with your platform of choice (PS3 or Xbox 360)
  3. Deadline: The contest will end on Sunday, August 29th at 11:59 PM EST
  4. To Win: 1 Winner will be selected at random from the list of commenters on this page.
  5. The Prize: 1 PSN or Xbox Live points card of a value equal or greater to the amount required to purchase 1 copy of Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game on the platform specified by the winner.
  6. No Contest: There will be no contest and no winner if the Sharing Goal is not met before the deadline.
  7. Enter Your Comments Now: Comments added before the Sharing Goal is met WILL BE entered into the contest. You MUST choose your platform in order to be eligible to win.

Best of luck to everyone and let’s Save Scott Pilgrim!

Disclaimer: and its community are not in any way affiliated with the companies behind the Scott Pilgrim series of books, movies, and games. We are fans, pure and simple. All rights to Scott Pilgrim are reserved to their respective owners.

28 Comments Contest: Scott Pilgrim vs The Box Office (Updated)

  1. streetalchemist

    Choice: 360

    Plan: Definitely letting everyone know that they NEED to see this movie. Definitely going again myself, hopefully taking others. This movie deserves better! SAVE SCOTT PILGRIM!!!

  2. Kafka

    Choice: PS3

    Plan: Giving my number to every guy that asks for it at the bar, with the corollary that he takes me to see Scott Pilgrim on our first (and probably only) date.

  3. blurryleg

    Scott and I will cheat on our 17 year old girlfriends to save his movie.

  4. SpeedBrkr

    Platform Choice: Xbox 360

    Plan: I will be frequently reminding people online (Twitter) and offline (IRL) to go see Scott Pilgrim Vs The World! I’ve personally seen it 3 times already and still have many more viewings in me! ^_^

  5. Gabrie

    I’ll celebrate my daughter’s birthday next weekend at the movie theatter, taking all her friends to see the movie and eat cake after it. And my birthday the same, with all my friends, the weekend after.

    Platform: PS3

  6. fetfet

    I will watch this movie every week. I will buy it on DVD and on Blu-Ray. I will make my family and friends watch it. I will buy someone a free ticket. I will learn all of Sex Bob-omb’s songs on bass (which I started playing because of the first SP book), and play concerts covering them. I will find a girl drummer.

    And I live in Toronto, as well.


  7. IRObotDave

    I took my wife to see Scott Pilgrim and she LOVED IT. She didn’t want to see it at first. I also plan on posting a review/plee on my YouTube page to help generate some more ticket sales. If I win this contest I would like a copy of the game from the PlayStation network. I played the demo and I fell in love with the game. As fans, our word of mouth needs to raise this film to the top by this weekend.

  8. Lauren

    I am not easily impressed by what gets spat out of the hellmouth of Hollywood, but Scott Pilgrim was an amazing movie, full of underappreciated insight into the minds of the young, male, and in-love. It was comedic gold at such a fast pace that I was completely immersed.

    It’s unfortunate that the gamer-fantasy element may have alienated some people, because that’s what takes this movie to the next level.

  9. matthew

    well, im a huge fan of scott pilgrim obviously and i saw it the first second it came to theatres. i loved the movie and when i heard about thiss tragedy i knew i had to do something about it. so i decided that i will send emails,tweets,and messages on facebook twitter and myspace as well as from my gmail to everyone i know saying to go see scott pilgrim vs the world in theatres, take a friend, and tell your friend to bring along their friend. then i myself will go see the movie a second time and maybe even a third with my friends. i hope this will help the epic movie gain the 7,000,000,000 dollars in coins it needs. if i win id like the game for xbox 360. thank you

  10. Gregward

    While Scott Pilgrim may be the best fighter in the Province, I will attempt to prove myself as the best fighter in Chicago for Scott by following these steps.

    1. See the movie a second time
    2. Add too many subclauses to the following step
    3a. Waiting in the theater lounge and fighting anyone who does not buy a ticket.
    3b. Win
    3c. Make them buy a ticket
    3d. Force them to watch (and enjoy the film)
    4. ????
    5. PROFIT!! (for Scott Pilgrim)

    Platform: Xbox 360

  11. KaGAmi

    I will help Scott Pilgrim by promoting real life ex boyfriend fights

    Platform: 360

  12. cheesyguy2

    Choice: Xbox 360

    Plan: I will see Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World until I am out of spending money, constantly tweet about Scott Pilgrim, and force all my friends to see the movie, and even buy the comic books. I’ve also already seen it once the day it came out, and brought three of my friends with me.

  13. mlsterben

    I hope nobody thinks this is double dipping, but after seeing the movie last night, my opinion on the film has shifted.

    Choice: 360

    I’m going to see Scott Pilgrim a second time tonight, then a third time on Friday with my dad. I may see it a fourth time on Sunday with a girl I’ve sort of been dating. :D

    (P.S. Can an admin delete my first comment?)

  14. Stephen

    Platform: xbox 360

    I will beat up my girlfriend’s seven evil exes, buy a rickenbacker bass, start a band, and generally just be awesome and when people ask “hey why are you so awesome?” i will say “because Scott Pilgrim vs. the World was awesome and if you want to be this awesome you should see it NOW!!”

  15. RJPelonia

    Been a huge fan of the graphic novel for years, loved the movie, completely bummed about the Box Office numbers. Seriously, people? You’d rather watch Vampires Suck than Scott Pilgrim? Fucking ass, man! So yeah, I’ll Twitter, I’ll join the Facebook page, I’ll coax everyone I know into seeing this fun film if they haven’t seen it already. Hell, I’ll see it again myself. This movie is a blast to watch which is beyond me why everyone is passing it up.

    Platform of Choice: PS3

  16. Maxine Hunt

    I never read the comics, but I love video games and that’s why I’ve seen it twice. I’ll go and see it for a 3rd time if I find someone to go with me.

    xbox 360 please

  17. Jared

    This was an absolute sleeper hit for me. I never heard about the comics until the movie gained some attention within my video game communities. I loved the movie and now I’m reading the comics to dive a bit deeper into O’Malley’s Pilgrim universe.


  18. Cassy

    Choice: 360

    Hello my fellow Pilgrim fans,

    I’m completely buffled as to why Scott Pilgrim is doing so bad. Even the old excuse “because of piracy” can’t be it, there is only a terrible & unwatchable cam version with Russian audio on teh interwebs. I’m lobbying for Pilgrim everywhere I can, because I want to see more off beat movies like this.

    Thanks for the chance to win a SPVTW code.

  19. K.Lint

    It seems Scott Pilgrim is to stay a brilliant little gem in movie history. This is the best example why you can’t trust the internet. Pilgrim was trending topic for over four weeks and had a major buzz going on almost every movie blog. Turns out we are just a minority, pretty vocal, but still only a minority.

    Scott Pilgrim Forever!

    Platform 360

  20. Garry

    I’m pretty sure that Michael Cera doesn’t appeal to the greater audience. I mean it’s no wonder that gamers and internet dweebs can identify with scrawny Cera, but even I feel some Cera fatigue. I wouldn’t cast anyone else for Scott though and his performance is pretty solid. I guess another reason why it bombed was that it’s hard to follow when you don’t know the things from the comic that happen in between and if you aren’t a fan of flashy video game references, you might easily get turned off. That said, having read the comics and being an avid gamer I absolutely loved it. I’ve seen it three times and I can’t wait to get my hands on the Bluray to watch all the extra features. My platform of choice, should I win, is the 360! Thank you!

  21. Saunders91

    Scott Pilgrim vs The World is a great movie and I wholeheartedly support your cause to raise awareness. I’ve been telling people left and right to go see this movie. We might have to continue our fight overseas, because the last country to get the movie is Germany January 2011. So brush up on your German we’re going to war. Hail Scott Pilgrim, ja, ja is goot ;D

    Choice: 360 please!

  22. Frank

    I think the movie was doomed from the start. I went to see it on Friday the first weekend it was released, and my huge ass cineplex only had two, I repeat, two showings, while this lame ass Stallone movie got like ten. Although the showing was sold out and almost bursting from all the people, they still didn’t add anymore for the rest of the weekend. I hope they’ll make all their money back and a decent profit through DVD sales.


  23. Animoz

    I’ve already seen the movie once with my girlfriend, who wasn’t too happy about going to it but she loved it surprisingly! So next week when we move back to college we are gonna round up all our friends and go see it again. I’ve started reading the comics and I’m sorry I missed out on them! :( Shocking to see that its done so badly, I hope that it at least breaks even with the help of the DVD sales. I want more movies like this!

    Platform: PS3

  24. Jason


    Saw it last night, finally. Awesome. I look forward to telling more people to get off their ass and see it ASAP while it’s still out. Shame that it’s only showing at two showtimes at the AMC at Southern Plaza. Other theaters don’t even have it anymore…

  25. Grim

    I’m so jealous of you guys! I really really want to show my support and watch the movie multiple times, but I’m studying abroad in Germany right now and as much as I love it being here, it’s simply annoying that Pilgrim won’t be in cinemas until the beginning of 2011. I’m a huge fan of the comics, but they are totally unknown over here. It’s a shame because everyone I gave them to read, really loved it for the same reasons we do, no cultural gap whatsoever. I’m hurting really bad, but the game would be a sweet little painkiller to hold me over till I get to import the DVD or watch it in a cinema here come 2011.

    Thank you very much for the chance to win! (Choice 360)

  26. Onionsalad


    I’m killing every one of my female friends’ ex-boyfriends and throwing coins everywhere after the massacre.

    And also seeing the movie and buying the game (if I don’t win it) and the books, and telling every one of my friends that we’re seeing it again when I go back to college next week. I guess that helps too…

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