The Horrible Gamer #009: The Tweaked

PC mods are pretty much a right of passage for any PC gamer. Since my March upgrade, I had only been playing the vanilla versions of my favorite games for fear of not knowing where to start with any mods worth using in any game. Then our fellow adventurer, Ethan, provided me with a quick list of Skyrim mods, and that was enough to push me into a whole new beautiful world of Nirn (I just looked up the name of the planet where The Elder Scrolls takes place for the record).

Mods are intimidating for a perfectionist like me that doesn’t like to sacrifice performance for some better looking leaf textures. However, with the right mix, it’s pretty amazing how much better a familiar game can feel. Skyrim benefits from having a great atmosphere already established in its world, so enhancing that, only sucks me in more and since I was starting over completely, I needed a big hook.

Skyrim Mods

Seriously. The Climates of Tamriel.

Of course, no mod can fix the fact that I’m still terrible at the game, but what does that matter. It’s even more fun to wander around aimlessly now!

Skyrim wasn’t my only recent escape, as I literally could not take my mind off of Rogue Legacy since we recorded my Game Curious video of it last week. Not only is it a great 2D action game, but the design behind its more addictive qualities is borderline genius. I highly recommend it to everyone as a go to game for either hours at a time or even better in short 10-15 minute sessions.

Because if you are like me you need escapes like Skyrim and Rogue Legacy when you are playing something with the weight of The Last of Us. I absolutely love the game, but I still haven’t finished it yet. 60-90 minutes of brutality (both physical and emotional) is my limit these days, before I have to go seek out some pure fun. The funny thing is, I admire The Last of Us more every time I’m forced to take a break.

Culture Break Updates

I just hope the Samurai Pizza Cats can save us.

Samurai Pizza Cats