Cheap and Dirty Gamer: Undead End 2 Surprised My Cynic Muscles


I’ve been reviewing browser games for quite some time now and I’ve learned to take the prospects of zombies games with a grain of salt. Everyone is doing them and while I love zombies, not everyone does them as well as they possibly could. When I first saw Undead End 2, I assumed it would be a bit of a crap and wouldn’t make it through the “draft” stage of Cheap and Dirty. Boy, was I surprised when it turned out to be not only really good, but one of the better browser games I’ve played in a while.

Undead 2 is best described as an adventure/ brawler/shoot’em up hybrid. It feels very Resident Evil in the sense that you’re roaming around a city that’s been blindsided by some sort of undead manufacturing phenomenon, but also because one of the earliest puzzles I completed involved a crank. I’m sorry, but no game will ever feature a crank without being compared to the mother of survival horror games.

This looks ultra suspicious.

This looks ultra suspicious.

You play as a police officer looking for answers (as they tend to do) and search through the city, looking for clues, items and shooting /stabbing the crap out of anything that gets in your way.  There are a variety of different weapons to find (like pistols, shotguns and sub machines guns) but the most entertaining aspect of the game is the melee combat. When enemies get too close, you can make your character kick them away and then stab them with a knife. I happened to find an ax, which not only let me chop through boards but also allowed me to one hit kill the zombies I was facing by sticking the ax right in their cranium.

The art style looks great and it’s quite apparent that the developer of the game dogget76, put just as much effort into crafting the gameplay as they did making the game look good.

Go play this game now.  Seriously, I’m pumped to see where this cat goes from here.