Hey! Listen! K.K. and Friends Animal Crossing Remix Album

K.K and FriendsThe first time I discovered K.K. Slider in Animal Crossing changed my entire outlook on the series. Until that point, I just did my daily chores, decorated my home, and asked myself why I was playing the game before playing again the next day. Afterwards not only did I start adjusting my Saturday night plans just so I could pick up some new tunes, but I really started to appreciate the music in the game.

Benjamin Briggs and ectogemia have put together a soothing remix tribute to the music of Animal Crossing – K.K. & Friends – available for $10 from GameChops. I highly recommend it to everyone, no AC fanatacism required. It’s pretty upbeat but very chill, and it also makes me want to go outside and take care of my cherry trees. I don’t even own cherry trees.

I also recommend checking out the rest of GameChops catalog as it has some stellar collaborations and tributes from other electronic video game musicians.

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