Editorial Malfunction: My Old Web Comics and Why I Gave Up On Making Web Comics

Somebody once said that when life throws you lemons, make lemonade. Well, life has thrown me lemons in the form of writer’s block and video game headline apathy, making my usual “Tuesday editorial” nearly impossible to complete (though I have a very scathing opinion on Pokemon in the hopper for next week). So instead of being a jerk and leaving my bros at Horrible Night scrambling for something to fill the gap, I’m making lemonade by offering you all a rare glimpse into my short-lived fantasy about making web comics. You’ll see very quickly why the aforementioned fantasy was aformentionedly short-lived.

Dirty Masterbation Sock Man

Get it? Jizz humor! And spelling errors.



I’m actually kind of proud of this one, unless someone on Reddit says it sucks. Than that pride is totally ironic.


No Jumping

I sure hope I spelled his name right.


Kill Shelter

Font is really important to a comic. Here you can see me ignoring that completely.