Mega Headlines: Fine Plus Decay

Tim Schafer

It’s in there somewhere.

We survived E3, so what else was going on? Well for one thing, there was a bad ass indie press conference called the Horizon Conference on the final day of E3 that I completely missed, and Double Fine reestablished themselves as the kings of game funding. Sony shows just how not-rigid PlayStation Plus can be, which I think demonstrates the biggest difference between it and Microsoft. PlayStation looks to evolve, while Microsoft is trying to box up the future before it happens. However, Microsoft Studios is still an interesting publisher and has a hit on its hands with State of Decay. I hope the bugs get fixed soon, because that is one fun zombie game.

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The last few days in headlines

  • Xbox One’s authorization file is kilobytes in size and could be used over a tethered phone connection. Because that’s convenient and this security is worth it.
  • No modding for Battlefield 4. Strange change.
  • Kojima says that the E3 Metal Gear Solid V trailer was run on current-gen tech. That’s frightening, if true, but there’s gotta be more to the story.
  • Indie Fund is funding two new Double Fine games. More Double Fine, and more Double Fine finding a way.
  • Journey and Katamari devs working together. The weirdest-but-most-awesome video game sex possible.
  • Super Pole Riders’ supports 4 players. It gets crazier?
  • Dota 2 gets a release date (before Aug 7). Yep, it’s not actually out yet.
  • PlanetSide 2 and DC Universe Online on PS4 will not require PlayStation Plus, neither will auto-updates. Wise move, love the flexibility.
  • Nintendo has ‘no plans’ for Wii U price drop. How does that math make sense?
  • Oculus Rift raises $16 million for consumer launch. This is gonna be huge.
  • GOG’s summer sale begins. Be careful out there.
  • State of Decay is the “Fastest Selling Original Game Ever” on XBLA and is having issues with its first patch. That’s one way to separate it from Minecraft.
  • Skulls of the Shogun is coming to Steam. No longer locked away on Windows 8.

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