Hey! Listen! Tiny Barbarian DX Soundtrack by Jeff Ball

Tiny Barbarian DX SoundtrackWell, Ethan raved about it in his review of Tiny Barbarian DX, but I had to listen to the soundtrack myself. Holy hell, if this doesn’t make you want to embark on a retro barbarian adventure, you need to get in touch with your gaming roots. Nailed it.

The music definitely envokes a sense of action, overcoming large challenges, and also reminds me of my favorite action movie training montages. Beyond the music itself, the titles of the songs should win you over with perfection like – “Riding Cats like a Boss” and “Put Your Pecs Into It.” If you are still not convinced to give Jeff a try, check out his bio: “You may have heard his violin playing while having sex in Mass Effect 3.” Jeff is the real deal folks, and here’s hoping we get more Tiny Barbarian goodness from him and developer, StarQuail.

Tiny Barbarian DX: The Serpent Lord OST is available for purchase on Bandcamp now.

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Jeff Ball