Hey! Watch! John Marston vs Revolver Ocelot Short Film

Fan-made crossover videos featuring video games sounds like a risky endeavor, mainly because franchise fans can be jerks. The idea of finding the right crossover, treating it well enough to keep both sides happy, and making it entertaining to the uniformed fills me with enough anxiety to never consider the proposition.

In Brett Driver’s latest short film, he pits two of the best six-shootin men of all of gaming against one another in John Marston and Revolver Ocelot. First of all, this isn’t exactly the most obvious choice of Red Dead Redemption vs Metal Gear Solid, but it’s the bizarre behavior (and hair) of Ocelot that makes this video so memorable. It’s just an added bonus of that the gun play and videography is handled so well.

If you like this vs film, there’s more to enjoy on Brett’s YouTube channel.

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