Night Moves Issue 7: Gaming Decorum

Night Moves Issue 7

If hadn’t been too long of a domain name, that was our original name for this website. Not really, I’m actually too lazy to even look that up to see if it’s taken so that I can fill out the joke. Our priorities lie in playing games, reacting to games, talking about games, and creatively tangenting from games into strange and slightly offensive ideas that eventually tie back into games. You’d be surprised at some of the things that excite and distract us while playing. Actually, surprised may be the wrong word, but I have never been able to nail down a word that perfectly describes that wordless headshake your father would give you when he doesn’t understand you.

We’ve been having a damn good time livestreaming of our gaming sessions and interacting with those of you have made it into chat or joined in the game itself. If you haven’t been able to make it or even if you have, we post highlight videos (depending on your perspective) multiple times a week. Subscribe to see reality crush our gaming skills time and time again and let us know if we found your favorite moment. Your suggestion could be our next clip or maybe even feature some of your own skills.

Cry of Fear – Photo hunted

Ethan loves horror games, but it turns out, he doesn’t love them enough to actually play them because he’s a big wuss. We decided to leave in all of the cursing as he plays through the intro of Cry of Fear just so you could hear what it sounds like when a man is scared of a Half-Life mod.

Don’t Starve – Poop!

One of the best parts about livestreaming is interacting with your audience, and sometimes Ethan does a good job of participating in an intelligent conversation while gaming. Of course, most of the time that is short lived because Don’t Starve is full of wonderful discoveries.

Borderlands 2 – These are my friends

Co-op gaming, there’s nothing like it. Getting together with your friends to save the world can be serious business in Borderlands 2. Serious business can also emit some funny noises, and it is all downhill from there.

More games!

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