Mega Headlines: Tiny Offline President

Saints Row 4


Short term memory seems to be a theme here. I forget all of my Gearbox issues anytime Borderlands 2 is discussed. I don’t know what it is, but more Borderlands just feels good. EA is going to try again with The Sims 4, and says it is single player and offline, but you know it is gonna have an ugly side. Finally, Volition makes me reconsider all of my political activism and hopes that someday I can vote for someone as bad ass as the Saints Row 4 president.

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The last few days in headlines

  • Tiny Tina featured in the 4th DLC and completes the Borderlands 2 Season Pass on June 26th. Love her or hate her, good choice to bring her back.
  • They are already talking about a Blood Dragon sequel. This is awesome and terrifying.
  • The Sims 4 is coming in 2014, will be “single-player offline experience.” I still don’t trust you EA.
  • Wolfenstein: The New Order coming this year from former People Can Fly devs and published by Bethesda. Fresh combo, hopefully brings some new ideas.
  • Ubisoft bought former Assassin’s Creed creative director’s new studio from THQ, and they fired him today. There is some serious bad blood here.

Previews, Trailers and Reviews

  • The Presidential Powers of Saints Row 4. Just add super heroes and aliens.