Hey! Buy! Steampunk NES Controller Coffee Table

NES Steampunk Controller Coffee Table

I wasn’t in the market for a coffee table, but I’m suddenly motivated to make an irresponsible decision.

Being crafty in real life isn’t much of my thing. Hell, I struggle at crafty sidejobs within the games themselves. I don’t know how you start down the path of creating a Steampunk NES Controller Coffee Table, but I’m glad the team at Bohemian Workbench did just that.

Even more fascinating is individual pieces used in the coffee table are from recycle materials. The wood used to be a part of a fence, the Start and Select buttons are made from AR-15 magazines, and the D-pad was used as currency in the Congo. Find out more about this beautiful table on Bohemian Workbench’s on its project page. It is also for sale on its Etsy page.

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Bohemian Workbench