Hey! Play! Drop by Notch’s Ceiling

Drop by Notch

Notch may be hitting his head against the wall with trying to make 0x10c fun to play, but apparently he’s at least bashing his head to some sort of beat. At least that’s where I’m guessing his random rhythmic typing game, Drop, came from.

The goal is simple, letters fly at the screen in step with the beat of the music while the background image twists into mezmerizing shapes. If a letter makes it off the screen, you lose. Repeat. Enjoy. Repeat. Get frustrated. Repeat. Beat your score. Repeat. Quit. Repeat. Misspell visual (hint the letters do spell words) for the 14th time. Swear off the game. Come back. Repeat.

Actually, I read later that Notch was inspired by the likes of Super Hexagon, Fez, and his apartment’s ceiling. So as you begin to get frustrated with just how bad you are at typing, take a break and lie back to see if the architecture around you is worthy of basing a video game off of it.

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