Mega Headlines: Faster, More Barfing, Single Player, and Worth the Investment

River City Ransom - David Lugo

Artwork by David Lugo

Changing up our news coverage a bit here on HN. As someone who is borderline addicted to following the video game industry, I’ll be bringing you a wrap-up of the chewiest headlines I can find a couple of times a week.

It looks like 2K is going to salvage the XCOM shooter after all without taking as big of a risk to the reestablished franchise, but no one has any real idea of how well that game is going to turn out. But, hey, it’s from the BioShock 2 developers! I’m still not sure what that means. The Wii U finally gets the updates it should have had on launch day, but my bitterness has been quelled by the arrival of the Virtual Console. Yes, I’m easy. Then finally, I was completely fascinated with the coverage, success, and backstory of Monaco. Capped off by the confirmation that Indie Fund’s investment had been justified before the game was actually available.

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